Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos
Aspirational Holiday Living

Composed of just eight picturesquely appointed suites, Oniro Suites is a luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos, designed for worldly travellers who cherish the value of discovering a personal paradise, a home-away-from-home, even when on holiday.

In honour of our name (oniro meaning ‘dream’ in Greek), we work with passion and professionalism to capture the holiday of our guests’ dreams, creating a mindscape of moments and memories: a world to which our guests can return time and time again, reliving the magic of their luxury holiday in Mykonos.

Mykonos is an island of contrasts. The bright white of its homes glows next to the brilliant blue of the sea, the wild mountains meet the soft sand of the shore, and the mystical tales of its mythology mingle with its modern infamy as a vibrant leisure hotspot. The ultimate in luxury suites in Mykonos, Oniro Suites serves to cater to discerning travellers seeking to straddle this middle line between these contrasts.

Like the transcendental state between wakefulness and sleep, Oniro Suites’ heavenly haven allows feelings to soar and thoughts to flow, free like in a dream, where your deepest, dearest desires are given life, and anything – simply anything – can happen. Situated in an enviable location – a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos’ famed retail and clubbing hub of Matoyianni Street, and nearby beaches – Oniro Suites is nevertheless serene and peaceful: your very own personal paradise.

By combining the distinctive and seemingly contradictory characteristics that collectively make the island unique, Oniro Suites, in turn, possesses an exclusive charm. As a luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos, we give our guests the power to explore the island as they want, how they want.

White-washed walls and wooden beams, winding staircases and shaded terraces, a glistening turquoise pool, and the kaleidoscope of vibrant pinks and greens in our garden give rise to a relaxing retreat. From here, guests can rest, indulge in fresh, bio-sensitive food at our The Terrace restaurant, prepare to venture out into the maze of Mykonos, or simply soak up the sun poolside.

An intimate base, a rare retreat amongst the mass of Mykonos hotels, our extension of sincere hospitality and personalised concierge service takes guests warmly by the hands and guides them on the path of aspirational holiday living.

When planning your trip, search for more than luxury hotels in Mykonos, Greece; seek out Oniro Suites, your unique holiday dream come true.